Cows (2019 edition)

Consistent with past summers (2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018), we hosted 3 yearling heifers on our pastures over the summer.

The 3 heifers in the field shortly after arrival.

This year they were on the smaller side as they were part of the end of summer births last year so were only ~10 months old whereas the cows we hosted in prior years were closer to 12 months old by the time they arrived here.

The cows near their grain tub.

Because they were on the smaller side, in addition to all of the grass they could eat, they also received supplemental grain every few days so they would put on extra weight. Feeding the extra grain really made a big difference in how friendly the cows were. With the grain feedings, they would often run across the pastures when they saw anyone coming close to their gate.

The cows following along the fence line.

Like most of the cows in the past, they liked to follow us around if we walked around the outside of the fences, especially while walking our dogs. They were very curious and would often come up to us to check us out and see what we were up to.

We only learned the name of one of the cows this year – the one with the red dot on its forehead is named Cyclops. She was the most curious of the 3.
Cyclops investigating a potential meal.

The cows headed back to their home farm for the winter a few weeks ago. They were very easy to load on the trailer this year because they were used to following the grain bin so with the grain bin on the trailer full of grain, they eventually just walked right on.

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