Meet Our Animals!

Updated as of February 11, 2018.



Penny is our little Yorkshire terrier and inspiration for the name of the farm. She enjoys chasing chipmunks, squirrels and (unfortunately for us) chickens. She also loves to curl up on the sofa and on people’s laps.

Penny in her red jacket on a chilly day

Penny in her red jacket on a chilly day

Penny climbs Mt Atalaya in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Penny on the Patio

We were lucky to get the opportunity to adopt her from a great shelter.


Shaffron is our large bulldog mix. We got her just a few weeks after moving to the farm. She is still adjusting to living in a house environment but is making good progress.  She did manage to eat a wild toad off the driveway before we could stop her.

Shaffron relaxes in one of the pastures.



Tiny is our newest (and oldest) dog. She is a Yorkshire Terrier – though probably mixed with something else – possibly Chihuahua. Read more about Tiny here.


Tiny lurking near the pizza box.

The Goats:

Harriet and Butterbean

Harriet and Butterbean

When we bought the property, the sellers were kind enough to leave us 2 of their Angora goats, Harriet and Butterbean (shown above). We have since expanded the herd (other common terms for a group of goats is flock, tribe or trip) with 5 additional goats, Ruby, Rascal and Rosebud from a local farmer and then Oz and Elf from a rescue shelter. Looking at the pictures, you may first think that they look like sheep, not goats.  However, Angora goats are raised for their fleece (which is mohair) so they often look quite shaggy. They will be sheared on average twice per year and their fleece can be spun into yarn to make various products.


Butterbean is around 6 years old and may be partially mixed with pygmy or may just be a small goat.  He is a wether. He has a lot of personality and really loves his grains and sweet feed.

Butterbean eating grain

Butterbean with his head in the can of grain.


Harriet is our oldest goat at 14+ years old. She has had many kids over the years and, as a result, her stomach is expanded so she may look a bit fat, but she isn’t pregnant.




Ruby was originally born on our property before she was moved to a nearby farm. Now she has returned to the place of her birth. She is the mother of both Rascal and Rosebud and is around 8 years old.




Rascal is around 5 years old. He is a wether, like Butterbean, but he is much larger and has the largest set of horns in the flock.




Rosebud is currently our youngest goat around 4 years old. She is a bit hand-shy but we are working on getting her more comfortable eating out of our hands and being touched.




Oz is our largest and most troublesome goat. He has pushed his way out of the gates a few times and is the most likely to chew on things he shouldn’t. Oz is Elf’s brother and they both came from a rescue shelter in late summer 2015. Read more about Oz here.



Elf is a relatively friendly goat that doesn’t get into too much trouble, unlike his brother, Oz. Read more about Elf here.



When we first bought the property, we asked the sellers if they could leave some chickens for us. They left us 10 hens and 1 rooster as part of the original flock.

Since then, we have added a number of chickens – including here (3), here (2), here (6), here (3), and here (2). However, we have also lost a few over the years to predators, disease and old age.

We now have 20 hens and 1 rooster.


Chirparoo is currently our only rooster. He is a Blue-laced Red Wyandotte.



Sindy, short for secondary independent chicken (the main independent chicken – Mindy – passed away), is an adventurous hen. She  likes to explore areas the other hens don’t go. She also tends to freeze when we approach so she is one of the easier hens to pick up.




Mille (pronounced Milly) is a champion hen from the 2017 NY State Fair. She is a Mille Fleur d’Uccle. Read more about Mille here.



Fleura (pronounced Flora) is also a Mille Fleur d’Uccle. She also came from the NY State Fair.

Mille and Fleura

Andi and Luci:

Andi and Luci are our Andalusian hens that also came from the NY State Fair.

Andalusian hen outside the coop.

Other Hens:

Other hens that we have named include Molly (Barred Rock), Honeycomb (Gold-Laced Wyandotte), Snowflake (Spangled Russian Orloff), Sylvia (Silver-Laced Wyandotte), Trish (Partridge Rock), and Ombre (unknown breed).


Rainey / Rainie:

JT’s Elegant Rain (Rainie or Rainey for short) is a curly horse. We bought her in late November 2016 from Canada. She is currently boarded at a local stable – where they have other horses, an indoor riding arena (which is needed in the winter in this area),and horseback riding instructors. Read more about Rainie here.


In Memoriam:


Pineapple was our bantam rooster. Bantam basically means miniature. He liked to crow, a lot. He passed away in late 2017.

Pineapple the Rooster

Pineapple the Rooster


Mindy, short for main independent chicken, was one of the hens from the original flock that was most adventurous and even spent time outside of the pasture fences at times. She was curious and less afraid than many of the other hens. Mindy passed away in late fall 2017.