Bear With Us

Recently, we noticed one evening that our goats seemed to be acting a bit strangely, like they were skittish. They were staying fairly close together near the barn while looking at a far corner of the pasture. They were very focused on that far corner like they were alert for a predator.

We couldn’t see any animals or anything else of significance in that area, but we turned the electric fence on that evening just in case.

What was it?

The next day, I took a walk along the outside of the pasture near where the goats were focused.  I found a strange pile of animal poop that, based solely on limited internet research, could possibly be from a black bear!

Possible bear poop at the edge of our pastures.

Possible bear poop at the edge of our pastures.

Closer view of the possible bear poop.

Closer view of the possible bear poop.

The goats were much calmer the next day but we turned on the electric fence for the next few days just in case.  We haven’t seen any additional indications of a bear in the immediate area but we’ll be on the look out.

2 thoughts on “Bear With Us

  1. That certainly wasn’t cow dung. Bears are terrified of dogs, Coyotes too. Always let them accompany you on your walks. Or, carry your shotgun. I guess, chickens and goats are attracting predators.

    • We don’t have a shot gun. I don’t think our .22 would hurt a bear much if at all and probably definitely wouldn’t stop it from charging.

      We haven’t seen any further signs of a bear so far.

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