Spring flowers!

Although there was a cold spell earlier in the week that saw temperatures dip below freezing several nights in a row – spring has mostly arrived!

The clover is in full bloom – see all of the little purple flowers in the fields.

Clover in bloom in the fields

Clover in bloom in the fields.

In addition, the chickens are venturing further out to check for delicious bugs around the property. Two of our hens, Mindy and Sindy, along with our rooster Pineapple recently ventured out of the pastures to the front yard to help dig up the front flower beds in front of the barn.

The chickens like to dig through leaf litter and loose dirt to kick up bugs to eat.  As you can see in the video, Mindy kicks some dirt and leaves and then quickly scans the ground for any bugs or other food that may have been unearthed.

While they don’t always do a thorough job or target the areas that you would like dug up, sometimes it works out okay.  Other times, they throw all of the mulch out of the flower beds onto the grass and create a big mess.

Chickens digging in the flower beds.

Chickens digging in the flower beds.

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