Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from Lucky Penny Acres!

It is hard to picture Thanksgiving without thinking of turkey.

We have a local flock of wild turkeys that visits our yard every few days, especially during the spring and summer. This year, the primary visitors were a single hen with around 4 poults (baby turkeys).  Occasionally, the flock would consist of several hens with even more young turkeys.

They tend to avoid people and if anyone tries to approach too closely, they usually scatter into the trees.


Wild turkeys in the front yard.


Wild turkeys in the backyard.

2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. When I lived in Boston there were wild turkeys in my neighborhood that would attack people’s ankles and walk in traffic. They were so fierce… Sasha Fierce.

    • We just learned that a previous owner of our house (from 20 to 30 years ago) used to feed wild turkeys on the back porch by throwing apples out of the window. I haven’t heard any indications that they ever attack anyone around here.

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