Bottle Feeding Piglets

You may recall that we got the chance to bottle feed an orphaned calf last year at a neighbor’s farm. This year, there wasn’t an orphaned calf, but there were some orphaned piglets that my neighbor took in to raise. He let us stop by to help with one of the bottle feedings earlier in the summer.

Bottle feeding a piglet.

Our neighbor took in 3 of the piglets from the litter. He had 2 black and white piglets and 1 red piglet.

Another view of the piglet feeding from a bottle.

They made a lot of noise Рlots of squealing and trying to break out of their make-shift cages.  Once out of their cages, they were quite fast and good at hiding behind crates and logs. They screamed and squealed very loudly when picked up. The piglets were fast eaters Рfinishing off the bottle in less than a minute.

All of the piglets survived and are growing quickly. They are already up to over 40 pounds each after a couple of months.

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