It’s Twins!

As we have been married for at least a few years, we occasionally get comments or questions about when we are having “kids”.

Well, that time has finally come – and it’s twins!

We picked up twin goat kids from a local farm last week! They were just born in mid-April. Their assigned names are Testarossa and Torino, but we have taken to calling them Tessi and Tori. Tessi has a white spot on her forehead and Tori has a white spot on her side.

Tessi and Tori cuddling together.

In addition to the twins, we also brought their mother along. Her name is Treat (her home farm has been using food themes for many of their names – other goats from that farm include Applesauce, Lasagna, Taffy, Cabbage, and Poptart). That farm is now using car names also, such as Testarossa, Porsche, Audi, Delorean and Prius.

Without their mother, the twins could need bottle feedings every few hours. With their mother present and taking care of them, they need a lot less supervision and help. However, we hope to spend a lot of time with them and play with them frequently so they get used to people and are easier to handle when they grow up.

Goat kids Tessi and Tori with their mother Treat in the background.

Here are some more pictures of the kids adjusting to their temporary holding pen on our farm.

A close up of Tori and Treat.

They are growing fast, gaining around half a pound per day on average so far.

Tessi and Tori checking out their new pen by chewing on everything they can, including the metal fencing.

They are just starting to get interested in eating grain and are starting to nibble at pieces of hay. For now, they still get most of their nutrition from nursing.They spend a lot of time jumping and running around, climbing on anything and everything they can reach. They chew and nibble on everything nearby, metal, wood, rubber, clothing, fingers, etc.

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