Cows (2020 edition)

Consistent with past summers (2015201620172018 and 2019), we are currently hosting 3 yearling heifers on our pastures over the summer.

The 3 cows standing together in cows in the pasture.

The cows so far have been very friendly. They often follow us around the edge of the pasture when we walk around.

Selina at the water trough.

Their names are Selina (with the white face) and Ann and Danielle are the 2 red angus cows. Selina has been the most inquisitive and approachable, followed by Ann and then Danielle is the most shy.

Ann and Danielle getting a drink of water.
Danielle coming out of the barn to take a closer look at who is at the gate.

We’ll see how they develop. They are getting some supplemental grain, but not as much as the cows last year – we’ll see how this affects how friendly and responsive they become before they head home at the end of the summer.

The cows following us around as we walk around the outside of the pastures.

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