Meet Rocky!

Say hi to Rocky, the latest addition to Lucky Penny Acres.


We learned that the shelter where we originally adopted Shaffron had an old yorkie come in. The dog was a stray picked up on the streets of Jersey City, NJ. He is missing an eye, very thin, and has some joint problems. The shelter took care of routine vaccines and got him groomed. The description on their website called him a “moldy oldy”. They named him Rocky Wrench.

Given his condition and age, finding a home may have taken quite a while.

Rocky sticking his tongue out at the camera.

Given our experience with Tiny (who passed away a little over a year ago), we reached out to the shelter. We had a zoom meeting with Rocky and saw that he walks with a limp and moves pretty slow, but was gentle and not afraid of being carried or touched. We decided to adopt him.

Rocky on his bed in his pen.

We drove down to NJ to meet a shelter volunteer in a shopping center parking lot to pick him up (appropriately masked, outside, and maintaining appropriate distance, of course). He was active and interested in sniffing around the lot.

Rocky in one of his dog beds.

He slept most of the drive back to the farm in the backseat. He is still getting used to his new house. His favorite part so far is the chickens – he is very interested in getting closer to them.

Rocky looking up from another of his dog beds.

We were planning to change his name from Rocky Wrench but our toddler started calling him Rocky within a couple hours of being home so now his name will stay Rocky.

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