First New Animal Arrives

Our first new animal arrival on the farm – Shaffron, a bull dog mix.

Shaffron flops in the mud at a nearby lake.

Shaffron flops in the mud at a nearby lake.

Shaffron hails from an animal shelter in Jersey City, NJ, near where we lived prior to moving to the farm.  Shaffron was previously used as breeding dog and she managed to escape her cage several times and make her way to the shelter. Her owner previously reclaimed her during the stray-hold period. This time, however, the stray-hold period expired and the shelter had her spayed right away. When her owner came to the shelter, he didn’t want her back this time because she had been spayed.

We agreed to foster her on a trial basis to see how she would work out with our other dog, Penny. So, A few weeks after moving in, we drove all the way back to Jersey City to pick Shaffron up from the shelter. Her dog crate barely fit in the back of our vehicle with barely an inch to spare.

Shaffron is still adjusting to life inside a house and on a farm. She doesn’t really know how to use a dog bed yet but she is getting used to being inside a house.

2 thoughts on “First New Animal Arrives

  1. Hi Danny! Your mother gave me your information. Do you remember when our families took vacations together? I think it is wonderful to have a farm. I guess seeing Jeff with his farm inspired you??? Anyway, I love the web page and I think it is wonderful that you and your wife took Shaffron in! You are good people. She will adjust. My daughter, Christine took in a rescue who had never played with toys or stayed in a house. It took awhile but she has adjusted very well.

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