The Farm and the Farmhouse

We moved in at the beginning of July 2015.  At the start, we had 2 goats, 11 chickens and 1 dog.

We also had 3 cows on our pasture which are owned by a neighbor. The neighbor stops by at least once per day to check on his cows. He also gives us a lot of farm-related advice and assistance.

As we were moving from a small apartment into a big house, the move was pretty easy (especially since we had hired movers and they did all of the heavy lifting) and everything fit in the house without any issues.

Before they left, I asked the movers if they wanted to meet the goats and chickens. I took them out to the chicken coop and the goat pasture. One of the movers mentioned that he had never seen a live chicken in person before. Neither of them had ever seen a goat up close before either.

Here are a few photos of the farmhouse (originally built in 1924), the yard near the house and the farm in general.

4 thoughts on “The Farm and the Farmhouse

  1. What a beautiful place. You guys are so blessed! How do you find time with your busy schedules to take care of chickens and goats? I grew up on a farm and had one chicken and some goats.

    • The animals don’t actually take up too much time, at least in the summer. We check on their water and put out hay / grain once per day, but mostly the chickens are free range and eat bugs and the goats graze on the pastures. We have enough time just by watching a bit less TV each day.

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