Egg Mystery Solved

A couple of weeks ago, at least one of our hens was laying some odd sized eggs, from tiny to extra large.

Here is a picture of the different sized eggs to help refresh your memory:

Different size eggs (likely from the same hen).

Different size eggs (likely from the same hen).

Well, we decided to crack open the eggs to see what, if anything, was inside.

Click through to see what we found.

The smallest 2 eggs contained only egg whites and no yolks.

After some internet research, it turns out that these eggs are commonly called “fairy eggs” or “witch eggs”. They occur most frequently at the start of a hen’s egg laying cycle.  In our case, many of our hens just recently started laying eggs again after taking a break for the winter.

The larger 2 eggs were normal eggs with yolks. The very large egg still contained only a normal sized egg yolk.

The eggs all tasted fine to me.

Now we know to be on the lookout for tiny eggs at the start of each egg laying season.

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