A New Shed

With the expanded flock, we needed to make sure all of the goats (especially the kids) could get out of the weather all summer, no matter which pasture they were in.  While we already have the barn in one of the large pastures, the other large pasture only had a single run-in shed.

While the goats could all fit in our original run-in shed if they stood fairly close together, in practice they would fight a bit and push some of the goats out of the shed at least some of the time, even before we added Treat and her 2 kids to the flock.

So, we decided to add a second run-in shed so they could all be under cover at the same time without pushing each other around.

We wanted to put it relatively close to the current shed so all of the goats could be near each other. We ordered a custom built shed from a local Amish building group.

First, we had to clear a patch of grass where the shed would go. I used the loader bucket on the tractor to clear out a dirt patch slightly bigger than the base of the shed.

Clearing the grass for a spot for the new shed.

After clearing a spot, we had a load of gravel delivered to create a good base for the shed that would allow good drainage. With the gravel leveled and compacted, we were ready for delivery.

After the gravel delivery.

Then, we had the shed delivered. They drove it right on top of the prepared gravel pad and set it into place.

The new shed being dropped off the trailer.

The front view of the shed – mid-delivery.

Now the goats have enough space so all of them can stay dry or out of the sun at the same time.

A goat checking out the new shed.

You may have noticed that the shed is green with red trim around the doors.  The builder was trying to match the colors of our original shed, which is also green, but with black trim.

When getting estimates for the new shed, we had emailed some pictures of the current shed – and the builder sent back the pictures with red lines added to the photo asking us for various measurements of door height, width, etc. When he went to paint the new shed, he looked at those photos and thought that the door trim on our original shed was red – thus the red trim on the new shed.  The goats don’t seem to mind the red trim.

The new shed next to the original shed.


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