The Goat Kids Head into Town

Tessi and Tori, our 2 goat kids, needed a series of vaccines at ages 1-month and 3-months. Our local vet did a on-site farm visit for the first round of vaccines at 1-month old but all of her farm-call openings were booked at the time for the 3-month shot.

So, we took them to the vet’s office in the nearby town instead. It is only a 10 minute drive away.  As the kids hadn’t been weaned from their mother yet, we took their mom along as well to try to limit the amount of screaming and crying.

Treat, Tessi and Tori visit the vet.

They were mostly curious to be in a new area with new things to chew on and new rooms to explore.

Treat looking at the exam table.

The kids quickly got their 2nd round of shots and were headed back home in no time.

Goats in the vet office with a goat painting in the background.

We just used a dog leash on each of them to keep them going sort of in the right direction.

We got a couple strange looks from people in the parking lot on the way out of the vet’s office – they were used to seeing dogs and cats, but weren’t used to seeing baby goats, at least in town.

Here is a video from a couple months ago when the baby goats first came to our farm – you can see them chewing on our clothing and pulling buttoned pockets open:

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