Selecting our Goat Kids

As long time readers already know, we bought 2 goat kids and their mom from another farm earlier this year. But, it was a harder selection process than you might think.

There were a lot of cute goat kids running around – it was very hard to pick!

Many of the smaller goat kids were wearing sweaters to stay warm as it was unseasonably cold in mid-April this year.

Goat kids in sweaters.

More goats in sweaters:

More goat kids in sweaters.

In addition to the ones in sweaters, many of the slightly larger kids were running around the barn, chasing each other and getting into all sorts of typical goat trouble.

A bunch of goat kids.

Goat kids standing around (i.e., about to get into some trouble):

Here is a video of a few goat kids playing around:

Baby goats get into everything! The kids were running all over the barn and climbing on anything and everything. They were jumping on and off the trash cans full of grain. They were also chewing and nibbling on everything within reach – hay, grain, trash can lids, shoelaces, pants, fingers, etc.

Here are the ones we ended up selecting. This is Treat with Tori and Tessi behind her wearing their sweaters.

Treat with Tori and Tessi.

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