Last winter was very mild overall – we only received around half of the typical snowfall totals (just over 60 inches where normal is over 120 inches). This winter started off on a different note.

First big snowstorm of winter 2016-2017.

The first big storm came right before Thanksgiving – we received almost 30 inches in the first big snowstorm alone.

Here is a picture measuring the snowfall total during the first night of the storm – it was close to 20 inches the first night and near 30 inches when it stopped snowing.

Measuring the snowfall.

Here is a path cut through the snow by hand so we can walk out to the barn to check on the goats and the chickens.

Here is another picture of the snowstorm – the snow is piled on top of a bird bath.

30 inches is too much snow to remove by hand with shovels and it’s even a lot for a snowblower.  So what is the solution?

Just use the tractor to remove the snow!

Although we don’t have a plow attachment, the loader bucket worked pretty well to clear most of the snow. Being the first time we used the tractor to remove snow, it took some practice to figure out the best way to use it. It is definitely easier than shoveling it all by hand.


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