Snow Melt and the Waterfall (Spring 2017)

With a large snow storm late in the winter, there was a lot of snow that melted at once when the weather turned warmer.  A large snow melt means that our waterfall would have a lot more water flowing over it than normal.

Here is the shot of the final approach to the waterfall.

Waterfall in the spring.

Here is a shot of the waterfall from the base of the falls.

Waterfall close-up.

Here is a video of the falls showing the increased water volume.


2 thoughts on “Snow Melt and the Waterfall (Spring 2017)

    • Yes, we have a waterfall!

      Approximately 2/3 of our property is on the side of a hill / mountain. Farther along the same mountain ridge, there is a ski resort which should give some sense of the steepness of our mountain in general. The pictures of the waterfall show the steeper cliffs in that one ravine. There are other sections of the property which are a bit less steep, so it is possible to hike all the way to the top without climbing straight up the waterfall.

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