The Second Old Stone Pillar

You may recall the old stone pillar along the road that used to be at the end of the driveway of our property many years ago.  However, of the 2 pillars from the old sketch, only 1 stone pillar is still standing. The other pillar was missing, presumed destroyed.

Sketch of our house from the 1950s or 60s.

But.. we think we found the other pillar! Click through for the details.

While hiking in the woods behind the pastures, I came across what appears to be a decaying stone pillar on its side.

The rocks are arranged in the rectangular shape of a pillar and there is still some mortar holding the rocks together. The stones appear to be similar to the stones in the middle of the pillar that is still standing. There aren’t any red bricks nearby, but perhaps those were removed or re-purposed years ago.

The missing pillar.

The pillar is covered with moss and likely has been sitting in the woods for a large number of years.

Some mortar is still visible holding the stones together.

Currently, we don’t have any plans to move or restore the second pillar.¬†


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