Winter 2019-2020

As the snow has finally all melted for the season and the grass is just starting to turn green, we look back at a few of the pictures we captured from the winter.

A view from the main barn.

Overall, it was a mild winter compared to average. Less snow overall and only a handful of really heavy snowfalls. Even with that, there was some amount of snow on the ground from late November through early April – though during some of that time the only snow around was the piles of snow next to the driveway.

The trees covered in light layer of snow.
A view from the chicken coop back towards the house and main barn.
Snow melting off of one of the banks of solar panels with our mountain in the background.

This year the chickens were much more active after snowstorms than in past years. A group of chickens regularly braved the elements to walk from the coop to the barn.

A few of the chickens braving the snow to walk from the coop to the main barn after a snowstorm.
Chickens following the path through the snow from the coop to the barn.

To make it easier to feed and water the animals on a twice daily basis during the winter, we usually shovel out a walking path to make it easier to walk instead of fighting through deeper snow. The chickens take advantage of the paths to move around outside when the snow is otherwise too deep.

A closeup of a chicken enjoying some time out in the snow.

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