The new cows have arrived!

Three new 1-year-old cows were dropped off last weekend to spend the summer at our farm grazing on our pastures.  Just like last summer, these cows are part of a pasture lease and the cows will eat the grass to help them grow to maturity while at the same time reducing our need to mow and maintain the pastures over the summer.

The 3 cows we hosted last summer each gave birth to a calf this spring back at their home farm.

Click through to read more about each of the new cows for summer 2016.

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A New Goat Feeder

The goats have had free run of the 3 biggest pastures since late September – able to go in and out of the pastures whenever they felt like it.  When the new tenant cows arrive this spring, we will need to rotate the goats into different pastures opposite the cows. While this isn’t a problem in terms of the amount of grass they will have available to eat, it does present an issue with trying to feed them a little bit of hay over the summer while the cows are here.

The outer barn has ample space to spread out hay in various locations so all of the goats can feed at once without fighting over it.  Once the goats are rotated off of the pasture with the barn to the other pastures, there are many fewer places to spread out the hay.  We decided to design and build a new homemade goat feeder to feed them their hay.

Here is a video of the goats testing out the new goat feeder:

Unfortunately, the first test was only partially successful. The goats successfully ate some hay from it and were not able to knock it over or lift up the roof. However, they began to eat pieces of the wood off of the feeder itself around the corners. We had to remove the feeder from service until we can make some small tweaks before trying again.

Click through for a more detailed description of the goat feeder.

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Subscribe for New Post Notifications by Email


Subscribe for New Post Notifications by Email

Following a recent reader request, I have added a new subscribe feature to the blog that may be of interest to those readers who don’t visit every day checking for a new post.

You can now subscribe to the blog on the right side of the main page by entering your email address to receive an email each time a new post is published.

Note that when you enter your email address, it will send a confirmation email that you need to click on before you are subscribed – check your spam folder as the subscribe confirmation may get put in your spam folder.

Baby Chicks!

We have some new baby chicks!

A close-up of our baby white bantam cochin chicks.

A close-up of our baby white bantam cochin chicks.

We are currently raising 3 bantam white cochin hens to add to our flock. Bantams are smaller breeds than typical hens – usually about 1/3 to 1/2 the size of a regular hen. White Cochins are a breed of chicken that has fluffy feathers including feathered legs and feet.

Here is a video of the baby chicks shortly after they arrived home:

Click through for more pictures and information about the baby chicks.

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