Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Lucky Penny Acres!

The new year will surely bring many new challenges and stories that we will be glad to share with you over the coming year.

It is finally turning cold and the first heavier snows are beginning to fall.  The temperature is now just below 0 degrees and even colder with the wind chill.

Our dogs have the right idea – curl up under some warm blankets for the winter!

Shaffron with Dinosaur Blanket

Shaffron enjoying a nap with her dinosaur blanket.

Penny in Cozy Cave

Penny napping in one of her dog beds – a cozy cave.

Penny curled up on her chair.

Penny curled up on her chair.


Thanks for reading and check back regularly for updates and new stories!


Welcome to Lucky Penny Acres!

After living for a few years in the New York City area, my wife and I had the opportunity to move to the beautiful finger lakes region in central New York state with our dog, Penny.


Penny on an old stone bench.

Everyone said we were crazy – farms are too much work, who wants to live so far out in the country, think of the winters, etc. We went ahead and purchased a small farm and farmhouse in summer 2015.

This site describes our journey and the various animal friends we have made along the way.

Thanks for visiting our site and we hope one day you’ll visit Lucky Penny Acres!